Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tyler Hughes
Eng 109.01
Journal 5/Oct 26 2010
Joanna Burcham
Mrs. Burcham is the AP Calculus AB teacher and a Algebra II teacher at Olentangy Orange High School. I had her for AP Calc my senior year a long with several football players. As a team we helper each other out a lot when we had problems with the problems. But when we could not figure out the proper solution we always went up to her without the fear of judgement from her. She was a teacher that would always help and always made sure you understand the concepts before her tests. On more than one occasion she postponed the test a day or two to make sure that her students would do well on the test. At the end of the class and after the AP test, she forced us do a project about the concepts of the class. I was so reluctant to do this project because I wanted to graduate but I sat down and did it and so glad because these presentations are helping me right now in my math class.


  1. That's great that you had a teacher that would make sure that everyone understood the material before testing you on it. It's also good that you didn't feel judged when you went to her when you didn't understand the material. Sounds like she was a great teacher!

  2. I wish all teachers waited till everyone was ready to take the test. Almost all of my teachers wouldn't have even cared. If the class would ask for more time they would just say to bad, and good luck!

  3. Thats good that you had a teacher like this and how you didnt feel judge about asking her questions.


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