Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mr. Mathy

Robin Yamini
10/26/2010, journal 5

Back when I was in high school in my senior year, I had a teacher named Mr. Mathy. Mr. Mathy teaches physics and AP Physics. I took physics with my friend Abdel and I am glad that I took it. What made the class great is the teacher.

Mr. Mathy's personality is just hilarious. He could really be a successful comedian if he wanted to. Everyday in class, he makes jokes about a lot of stuff. Whether the joke was about someone, or about something. He also told us funny stories. He was the type of teacher that can make someone laugh when a student is having a bad day. Being around this teacher is really interesting. There wouldn't be a conversation with Mr. Mathy where he didn't make you laugh.
For an example, my friend Ginny and I told him a prank that we had done to another teacher with air horns. His response was "Why did ya scare the poor guy, he already lost his hair." His classroom environment was just bunch of laughs but also stress with hard work.

Every day in class, we begin with so called journals where we had riddles or pictures on the smartboard. We had to figure out what it means and then if we get it right, we would get candy. If an answer is so creative but it wasn't the right answer, the person would still get candy. We spend like at least five minutes on this journals. Sometimes Mr. Mathy doesn't know the answers when we are stuck at one.

I think one of the best qualities that made his class effective is his personality. He being a comedian what makes you interested in the class. During class teachings, if he was presenting an object, he would joke as if something bad happened. An example, one time he brought in this static electrocity machine and when he was presenting it to the class, he pretented that he got electricuted.

There was a project that I remember doing in his class. We had to get a partner and make a bridge out of toothpicks. It was so complicated. My friend and I spent hours at his house working on this project. As the day comes when the bridge is due, our bridge looked like we dumped glue on the bridge and let it dry. To test out the strentgh of the bridge, Mr Mathy bough weights and put it on the bridge until it breaks. He had to be careful that the weights didn't fall on his shoe when it breaks. It was fun watching each bridge break due to the weight of the weights.

Mr. Mathy influenced me by showing that life can be all fun and games but also times where you had to be serious.

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