Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Math Teacher

The teacher that will always be memorable to me was my 11th and 12th grade teacher Mrs. Pink. She was always extra hard on me but it was for my best. Before her class I would just rely on being able to ask my teachers everything. When I got into her class she saw my potential and wouldn’t let me just glide by. Her first test I showed up a little before class and started asking all sort of questions. She just looked at me and said “Good question, but I’m not sure. Maybe you should go look in the book.” That first test I got by but defiantly wasn’t the grade I wanted. After that test Mrs. Pink came to me and said I was one of the brighter students but I didn’t like to put forth effort, and that I need to learn how to answer my own questions. She told me how it would help me in college. I took that message and ran with it. Ever since that I have done great in all classes and truly enjoyed my math classes. It turns out it truly has helped me and on my first college math exam I got an A. I still talk to her and get everyday advice. She is truly a great teacher.

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  1. this teacher sounds great. I glad you had such a good teacher. THe name mrs. PInk just sounds cool too!!!!


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