Thursday, October 28, 2010

Science has never been my strongest subject, I had tried to apply myself but too often I was discouraged by my inability to understand most of the subject material. For hours I would attempt to engrave the lessons on the stone slate that is my brain. However, I still couldn't grasp fully the lessons set before me, I would get sufficiant grades of B's. Yet this didn't suffice my appetite to actually learn what I was reading.
Finally, when I was a Senior at my High School, I took Natural Systems Science. This class discussed the influences that man kind has had on the planet and how these changes could permanently damage our world forever. The class included biology, earth's science, and the universe that Earth resides within. This class was very comprehensive and for the first time I enjoyed studying Science. However, I attribute this passion to my teacher Mrs. Lilly Yap. She was one of the nicest people I have ever met, which caused her to have a great reputation with the student body as well. She was short in stature but made up for this in her character, her two children were always a distracting subject for the class, rather than covering that day's lesson. Mrs. Yap was fair with everyone and tried to never show favorites, yet was generous with her leniancy on grades as long as you never crossed her. Despite her claim to not have favorites i soon became one, she would often ask how my life was going and what i planned for college. She also wrote one of my letters of recommendation for my Eagle Scout award. Then was also the one to hand me the diploma at graduation, which was a very sentimental moment. We now exchange emails and have had several visits and lunches in each other's company. She is a close friend, as well as one of the most influencial people of my life.

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