Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mrs. L

To be honest I have never really been a “teachers pet” or even well liked by many teachers. I was always known for goofing around in class, always trying to make people laugh and take their minds off the seriousness of school. The only time I felt like I ever got along with teachers was when I was a young girl attending St.Peter Catholic School. Classes were way smaller where you connected with the teachers better, but also, who doesn’t get along with their elementary school teachers?

Thinking of a teacher who had impacted me in a positive way was really hard to think of. I was thinking of my middle school teachers, but no one stood out. Then I was trying to think of any high school teacher, still no luck. For this paper I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to use an elementary teacher, but she’s the only teacher I can say put a positive impact on me. My teacher Mrs. L was my first grade teacher. She was a beautiful old lady, inside and out. She always made me feel like I should have nothing to be afraid of in class and should never be afraid to ask questions. This lady knew the person I really was. She looked way deeper into children than most teachers and always welcomed you with a warm smile and a little hug around the shoulders.

I received Student of the Month, which was a big deal at Saint Petes. I remember her writing, on the paper they hung up in the hallway, about how I was such a smart child with a warm smile that would cheer anyone up. She talked about me as a person and not just for my academic achievements. Reading that made me feel special. I was only in first grade and that stuck with me till this day. She was the person who reminded me to keep laughing and smiling and do the same for other people. That is how Mrs.L influenced me through out life.

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