Thursday, November 4, 2010

Austin Carlile is cool

Out of all the things in our culture I believe that music is a huge inspiration for me. I think the biggest artist who inspires me is Austin Carlile. Austin is a vocalist who is originally from Coulmbus, Ohio. He isn't very known in the "pop culture" because Austin is does "screamed vocals" which makes him very big in this modern rock/metal scene. Austin's life and what he has done with what he's been through is amazing and inspires me. Austin's mom died when he was 17 and Austin because of personal differences had to leave both bands he started, Attack Attack! and Of Mice & men, people, including his band mates, would swear at him, make fun of him, and make a fool of him. From 17 to 23 he's been through a bunch of harsh criticism and a rough life. Austin was struggling with his own "personal demons" and he let that affect how he treats others and what he did when he was on tour. Austin is inspiring because he picked himself up after leaving two bands he started and just continued to work. His heart condition didn't even stop him. People genuially think Austin is a bad guy, but a has a lot of friends and even more fans. He found Jesus Christ taking his faith seriously and he is making himself a new person it seems. He's been through so much and yet he is inspires so many people. I think he is a very positive guy.

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