Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pop Culture Influences: YouTube

Jonathan J. Youse
English 109.01
Journal 7, 11/11/10

When you think of societies most valuable sources of knowledge, entertainment, and communication, the internet is the immediate end all be all destination. Then there are few different pillars that hold up the bulk of the internet's sources of the information listed above. The most pronounced destinations on the world wide web, is Google, Facebook, and Youtube. Between these three vast search engine websites you can locate massive sources of information, current events both political and local, and the most recent viral videos.
When I think of the most influencial and popular locations on the web these three come to my mind, all of which have helped to complete academic research, supported my social communication with friends and family, and have distracted me from both school and society with mind-numbing videos posted of pranks, cats, and auto-tuned non-sense. My favorite by far has to be YouTube, it enables any person to upload a video of themselves or others whether to educate or entertain. I have never have posted a video before but i am constantly coming to this website for reviews of movies and technology. I think that YouTube has a great impact on todays society between entertainment, expresionnism, education and an empowerment to men and women from all over the world.

(Below is a website discussing the Social Effects of YouTube further, with other sources of information and other reasons for debate on both positive and negative influences)

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