Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Influence of Popular Culture on a Person

Although, pop culture in America contains many different parts to it, I think the most influencal is the interent. Facebook and Twitter are the two websites teenagers, even adults are most addicted to and it has become part of their daily lives. Facebook and Twitter can be both positive and negative influences. These networking sites are a good way to keep in touch with friends. However, these networking sites are a way of meeting new people, people who aren't probably safe. Facebook and Twitter can be a way of tracking kids, creating problems between people, most importantly, depending of how you use these sites, be targeted. I personally do use these sites, and I actually do enjoy using them. Sometimes, I do see myself so addicted to the point were I may have to deactivate it for a little while. I feel as though these sites are a huge influence because of the contact you have with others. For example, I always notice that someone always brings out something that happended on Facebook and says, "Oh, did you see that on Facebook?" then they run and log in, and spend hours on it. Overall, I believe that when it comes to TV, movies, advertisements, etc, Facebook and Twitter have the biggest influences on people nowadays.

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  1. I agree, although i am not an avid facebook user, i know many people that use it a lot. It has a good and a bad , just as you said but i like the idea of keeping in touch with those that are farther away.


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