Tuesday, November 23, 2010

For Brothers Everywhere

"keep risin up with baske'balls ripe as pumpkins
toward rims hung like pinatas, pinned
like thunderclouds to the sky's wide chest"

I have to say these 3 lines are my favorite from this poem. It's my favorite because the use of metaphors. The use of metaphors describe the basketballs and the rims really well.

This poem reminds me of the game of basketball. Honestly it reminds of two groups playing basketball against each other and/or having free style contests such as having a dunk contest. This poem made me feel energetic, wanting to play basketball with some friends. This is so because of how the author wrote it. I can relate this to life by simply just playing a real game of basketball with some friends.

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  1. I thought that this poem was very energetic and gave a deep exposure to the the culture of who wrote the poem and possibly how they might have grown up.


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