Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Poem Response

Amanda Floyd
English 109.01
journal 8

"But they don't want them to discuss current events because it might be controversial and upset them and make them want to take drugs which they already have told them all about". This quote stood out the most to me because it contradicts an issue in which was already brought up in the beginning of the poem. I think the meaning of the words also stood out to me because the current happenings usually lead to people using drugs.
This poem made me feel like this statement was very true. Alot of people turn to drugs or even alcohol when they aren't satisfied with happenings in our society, whether it's based on their personal choices or the choices of others that influence them.

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  1. Amanda, I agree with you when you said people turn to drugs when they are not satisfied with certain things in life. I hope some day we can find some other solutions to this instead of turning to drugs.


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