Thursday, November 4, 2010

Call of Duty

Video Games can have a lot of influence on people. It could be a good influence or a bad influence. Videos Games do have an influence on me but not to the point where it influenced me outside of playing video games.

Call of Duty, in my opinion, influence me the most of all video games in a negative way. Usually I don't swear when I don't play call of duty. My friends rarely hear me cuss but when I play call of duty by myself, I usually get angry at it and swear a bit. Thats a negative influence. But call of duty doesn't always make me swear. Sometimes I actually do enjoy playing it, and be like "Oh yeah!" In overall, call of duty is an okay game for me even though sometimes I get angry and swear when something happens in that game.

But not all video games related to call of duty makes me swear. Video games like Halo Reach or Bad Company 2 has a more of a positive influence on me then call of duty. When I play that, I usually have a good attitude and play it for fun. However, I do sometimes get a bit frustrated with those games but not as frustrated with call of duty. I usually say "Typical Call of Duty" referring to the things that would happen in call of duty when I do get a bit frustrated with Halo or Bad Company.

Now recently, I do not get as angry when playing call of duty because I've started playing more halo reach or bad company and occasionally call of duty. It doesn't anger me as much because I'm trying to play it for fun and not care about it but the games still gets me where I get a bit frustrated with it....
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  1. Robin I like that you picked this to write about. I feel the same way. I get so angry sometimes playing COD simply because of being killed, trying to get points really makes it competetive. I tend to swear a lot playing this game and outside of it i bearly do.

  2. I know exactly what you are talking about. Ever since i started playing Halo 3 and every other violence based game since i have become more angry and cuss uncontrollably during the game and now has become a bad habit no matter where i am.

    On another point it was probably a very good thing that my xbox was stolen and all my video games because i have started to become a lot more calm in life.


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