Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ian, Jon and Nicks poem: The poem of all poems

What We Learned In School
That we are cool
To never close our eyes
To always pay attention, to what we can’t deny
Always sit next to the hot chick
To be best friends with the smart kid
To always know whose boss
How to fake sick
To never stop walking in the hall
To know your right as Freshmen
To always miss the bus, to come in your dad’s car
To use your restroom break at the right time
To lie like a pro to your teacher
Know the five D’s of dodge ball, Dodge, Dip, Duck, Dive, and …. Dodge
To always have a comeback joke
To tell them what you really think
To never forget that one special teacher
To always spend time with your real friends
This is what we learned!
What We Learned In School

We went to high school
It was cool.
Learned a lot of stuff
Through thick and thin, it was rough.

Sports are a stress-relief
That is our belief.
Clubs were a big deal
That is how we feel.

English class is where I got my naps
To the beats of the finger snaps.
Other languages are such a bore,
I much rather learn history and war.

I guess school was great,
Now here comes college
Another 4 years
Of Learning and fun.


What We Learned In School

Three tardies and receive a detention,
Four tardies and receive a in school suspension,
Six tardies and you’re out for three days.

Walk into school in the morning and the lobby’s crowded,
Walk down the hall and it’s crowded,
Surrounded by sweaty and annoying freshman.

Enter a classroom of a teacher you love,
It’s all fun and games throughout lessons,
Enter a classroom of a teacher you despise,
It’s all sleeping, texting, and eye rolling throughout lessons.

By: Amanda, Sagal, & Elissa

What we learned in High School

What we Learned in School
Alex Kaufman & Danny Maks
When Mr. Moore was mad his voice would crack
Saying us to “pick up the slack!”
And Mr. Davis, he was kind of weird
With his own music on iTunes
I learned from Mr. Sedlachek that formative assessment sucks
I learned that Mr. Fox was a little crazy
Mr. Shacter told us to think figuratively but also be logic
I learned that Mr. Sweeney was smart and way passed retired
That Mr. Hale should have been a college professor and was also human
Olentangy Liberty, why couldn’t you teach me real life things? Thank you
From Alex and Danny

Chelsea and Maggie

What We Learned In School

Mrs. Freese taught us to always stay organized
And have neat, simple power points
But she was never all that simple.

She was very outgoing,
Always had a huge smile.

She helped us see our future
But took each step day by day
Her outfits were the cutest,
We miss her everyday!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Sweet Like A Crow

"Your voice sounds like a scorpion being pushed through a glass tube." This is my favorite line from the poem because I like the use of description. I can imagine that if one's voice sounded like that, it would be pretty horrible. Reading this, I laughed a little bit because this reminded me of a girl who I used to go to elementary school with. She had a very sharp voice that could break anyone's eardrums. Eventually, she ended up in the choir of our middle school!
My favorite poem that we read was What They Learn in School by Jerome Stern. This was my favorite because throughout the entire poem there was ironic language. He would say they don't want students to learn because of one reason because they are afraid it would intreast them to go out to do it, and the vice versa. When you think about it, it is very true of how the school system has become. It is now very controlled and in my own opinion is controlled the wrong way. I'm not sure but this poem also seems to reflect parties in the government. It sounds to me as if Jerome Stern is talking about how republicans think and what they want to to be tought in the class room. I'm not sure if this is true but it may be. Thats what is great about poems is that they allow everybody to interpret them in their own way.

Our writers.

Our writers.
At the OSU Delaware Center