Wednesday, October 13, 2010

snapshot 2

His name was Alex Durr. He was freakishly tall, for a nine year old. He was my best friend for the last to year. We would do everything with each other. We would hang out every Saturday, switching for hang out at my house then his house then back to mine. But today was different, there wasn’t joy, there were not smiles, there wasn’t, just two long face about to cry. The last day before the biggest day of his and mine life. The day my best friend moves away, to Kansas City.
“Dude was will write each other all the time” said Alex.
“I know we will, we have too!” I replied
This was our last day together so we had to make it worth wide. Therefore, we did every possible thing we could do. We start playing outside. He had a huge white barn, it wasn’t really a barn but a huge empty storage buildings. It was all rusty and old like those beat up looking cars. So how we would always find something new in it. And this day we found his white cat that he lost the day before even though it didn’t matter too much because he was moving. Oh, I forgot almost everything that his family owe or had seemed to be white. Anyways, we would always climb through the hole under the door because the door would not open. We also made a game out of it, but I’m not sure what game we made out of it this time.
We did that with everything that day, like we always did, made a game out of everything thing we did. I had to leave now. The last minute I saw him. We both started to cry. We made a great duo like the dukes of hazards and the General Lee.
“Don’t forget to letter me when you get there” I said.
“I wouldn’t” alex replied, “but what is your address.”
So my mom wrote it down from him. After that we said our goodbyes and that was it he was gone after that. The Alex duo would be no more.


  1. I really liked how you started the story off, and how you described Alex. I could actually put an image in my head about what was going on throughout the whole story

  2. I like how you describe the barn. That kinda made me laugh when you said "it's like a barn, except not." Nice reference to The Dukes Of Hazard. I can really picture that in my mind.

  3. I really like how you started off your story with talking about your best friend and the bond you guys had with each other instead of rushing right into him moving.

  4. I love the dukes of hazzard is awesome! alex sounds like a great kid!


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