Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Snapshot 2

Amanda Floyd
English 109.01
Snapshot Two
Best Friends or Siblings?

As a child, I used to spend my days and some of my nights at my neighbor's house with my best friend, Zack. We grew up together and spent afternoons, snow days, vacations, and even weekends together. When Zack and his family would go camping, out to dinner, or to a museum, I would tag along and we would have a blast. Although we were best friends, sometimes we acted more like brother and sister when we got into little fights about all sorts of childish things.
On one Saturday in early October, I went up to Zack’s house in the early morning hours to spend the day with him. We were all going to go to the pumpkin patch early in the morning to pick out pumpkins and go on a hay ride and then go back to Zack’s house for the night. Once at the pumpkin patch, Zack and I went off on our own to pick out our pumpkins.
As we were both looking for the “perfect” pumpkin, Zack started to question me about the kind of pumpkin I was looking for. Zack asked if I was going to get a big or a medium pumpkin. I said I was thinking of getting a medium pumpkin. Then he replied that he was going to get a big pumpkin. I asked him why he would want to get a big pumpkin and he said that he wanted to prove that he was stronger than me. So, I said to him of course you’re stronger, you’re a boy.
Nonetheless, that was the way Zack was; he always loved to prove he was better than me. He was like a ferocious tiger, never allowing me to be right for one moment. Although, I think that was why we were best friends, because at the time it didn’t bother me to let him be right.


  1. I like the descriptive use of time spent with Zack. I think the ending has some deep meaning to it. This was good.

  2. Great story! I love how you describe your friendship with Zack!


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