Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Snap Shot 2

The Last Stand
It’s late October and just above freezing, but you couldn’t tell looking at the players. The lights glare down on the mud covered field. My team, huddled together, taking deep breathes, steam coming from our bodies. The crowd is so loud that it seems like a dream; something that you see in the movies. It is late in the fourth quarter and we are punting. The ball is snapped like a rocket back to Steven. I take off, speeding down the field with only one target in sight, number 34. He catches the ball and the chase begins; the cheetah after the gazelle.
Once I reach my target, we both dig in deep but I get the better of him and drag him down onto the turf. When getting up I feel a pain; my calf tightens up and I fall like a tree in the forest. After struggling to get to my feet, I look over to the sidelines.
Coach is yelling, “Go in for Ian and play the end!”
I hold my ground and wave him back off the field saying, “There is no way I’m coming out! I’ll be fine!” Shock consumes Coach’s face but there is an understanding. He calls the next play.
The other team marches to the line of scrimmage and gets ready for the first of two clashes. The first play is a complete pass and goes for about twenty yards. I look up at the clock, hoping to see zeros. Unfortunately, there are fifteen seconds left.
We huddle back together as Nick, our captain, yells, “We will not let them win! It’s time to be great! Great players make great plays! Win on two!”
We all join in, “One, two WIN!”
Coach calls the play, “Bear twist C blitz! This is your last stand!” The last battle begins and I sprint past the tackle before my opponent can get his hands on me. I crash my head into the back of the quarterback and before anyone can blink, he is on the ground. Victory!
The rest of my team runs out to join us on the field; stepping, unconsciously, to the beat of our fans’ cheers. Not only have we won the game but our conference. Along with, the first playoff berth our school has had in over a decade.


  1. This is good! I can picture this in my mind. It reminds me of when I cheered football games. I love that "friday night lights" feeling. I think your writing is at its best in the last paragraph. You use dialoge and the details allow me to visualize the scene.

  2. Oh my God, this is almost the exact same story of my last football season; we won the conference and a playoff birth.
    I love the sentence about the punt coverage, the cheetah and gazelle, truly magical.


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