Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Journal Five

Amanda Floyd
English 109.01

Senora Luther-Houghton
My favorite teacher in high school was Senora Luther-Houghton. Senora Luther-Houghton was my spanish teacher for five semesters of high school. She was the leader of the Spanish Club and an excellent teacher. She made sure that everyone in the class understand her when she spoke in class and if they didn't she would repeat herself until the students understood her. Whenever I was around her, she was always friendly, and although she was sometimes harsh and critical when giving advice it was always helpful.
I think Senora Luther-Houghton was effective because she was hard on you to succeed and do what was best for yourself as well as those around you, but she always gave the most effective advice. Outside of the classroom, you could talk to her about personal problems and receive helpful advice or her opinion on something. Inside the classroom, she made sure you understood the grammar, readings, and writing we did in class. We would use little white boards blackboard markers to practice writing out verbs and their conjugations throughout the week before a big test. Sometimes, we would get into small groups and write stories using our vocabulary and words from that week or previous weeks. At other times, we would listen to and sing spanish songs to learn and memorize vocabulary.
I remember going to class on the day of the midterm without studying. For we had practiced using all of her teaching techniques throughout the week and I felt quite confident when practicing in class. While taking the exam, I thought that it was quite easy because it was just like everything we had practiced in class. I remember we had to conjugate several verbs, write a story using vocabulary from the past few weeks, and define several vocabulary words using multiple choice. I ended up getting an A on that midterm and I believe it was because of the ways she taught and worked with our class.


  1. I can relate to this because I had a memorable spanish teacher as well. Learning a different language was tough and i think that you got the most out of it. Great story

  2. That's funny because my spanish teacher did the same thing with the little blackboards. It really did help me with spanish and that year I got the best grade i ever recieved in spanish.


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